Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tuesdays Election

The mid-term election will be running in 48 hours. The Republicans are expected to lose every seat they have -- even the ones that aren't up for re-election. By Wednesday morning we will see a Democrat House majority of 415-0 and a Senate majority of 100-0. George Bush will be forced to undo his tax cuts (aka a tax increase), bring the troops home from Iraq, appoint nothing but San Francisco judges and have the name God systematically removed from the Constitution. It'll be a harrowing day.

I'll be honest...

I expect the Republicans to lose some seats. Dewine is probably gone. Lynne Swann doesn't stand a chance in Pennsylvania. Santorum is probably finished. I'm predicting Jim Talent and George Allen keep their seats. I don't understand why the races of Talent and Allen are close. Claire McCaskill is a lightweight against Talent and Allen's opponent has an infatuation with perverted ideas. He should have been run off long ago.

I heard John O'Neill on the radio a few nights back. He mentioned a new tactic of the Democrats. They are propping up guys like Jim Webb that have a military past, then they're running them in red states. They hope voters get the impression that they support the military.

Very transparent strategy but it makes sense. Guys like Webb are on the fringe because in the last election military members voted 80% in favor of Dubya. There's a reason the men and women of uniform lean to the right -- Republicans actually respect them. There are a couple other states trying the same tactic -- can't think of them as of this writing. It'll be interesting to see if this strategy pays off.

This is the a tough election. The polls (which, of course, never lie) have the Dems taking control of both houses, which isn't uncommon in a two term presidents second midterm election. But I'm hoping things don't unfold this way. It would show that 1) The Democrats really can't win anything 2) it allows us to keep fighting in Iraq 3) it gives us hope for another Roberts or Alito in the Supreme Court.

I argue against those claiming there's no difference between the two parties. Senators like Allen,Talent and Santorum are true conservatives. The House contains countless Reagan conservatives (Dana Rorhabacher, Duncan Hunter). The true conservatives stand for 1) lower taxes 2) strong immigration policies 3) victory in the Middle East 4) privitized Social Security 4) constitution abiding judges... just to name a few.

There is a difference between the two parties. There will always be moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe that make cynics believe conservatism is dead. Don't buy into this rhetoric. Conservativism will always be worth fighting for as long as liberty is worth fighting for. Many on the right are appalled at some of Bush's liberal policies on Medicare and his overall spending. Yes, he's not Barry Goldwater but his policies are much closer to Reagan than any Democrat.

Don't buy the negative rhetoric -- we can prevail this election season. Get out and vote on Tuesday.


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