Thursday, November 09, 2006

The end of the world as we know it

The Democrats won. Good for them. They ran a principled campaign of decidedly avoiding any issues and speaking in vague terms about corruption and a new direction. Luckily for them, the Republicans readily supplied them with enough of the former for people to desire the latter. Will there really be a new direction? It'll be new if 1968 is new for you. My opinion is that the country voted out of disgust for the system and a disgust for our present politicians. And, in that case, I'm always happy to see. Washington is sick, and, unfortunately, it will always be sick. No changing of the guard will render that any differently. Too much money flows into D.C., and an excess of unearned money (as in D.C.) and power inherently are corrupting. This sad dance will continue unless we elects saints to serve in the US government. I don't see that happening any time soon.
That was the genius of the framers in wanting a small, limited government. It keeps people from corrupting themselves with money and power (the two are often interchangeable). As long as we look to D.C. to solve our problems and elect people to do so, we will have corruption and incompetence.
I am not absolving the Republican congress. They were a dismal set of leaders and so full of pork they practically farted bacon. Jim Talent ran a positively horrible campaign and on that basis alone, he deserved to win (McCaskill's was even worse and will be a marginally bad senator, if she is lucky). They made the choices to put the symbolic over the substantive and to line their own pockets. This election was a pox upon both your parties and the one in power will always bear the brunt. So, I'm not happy about the outcome, but it's what happens when the GOP act the way they did. The Dems have two years to show us that we were right to pick them over the GOP, but I very much doubt it.


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