Monday, October 15, 2007

Slow News Time

Right now there isn't a whole lot going on in the world. Iraq isn't in the news, which means things are going well. If you listened to the news you'd think the Iraq war is only transpiring when US soldiers and Iraqi civilians get killed.

The only other thing I know about is Rush Limbaugh is auctioning off Harry Reid's letter that was written to Clear Channels CEO. I'm not sure why Reid is concerned about Limbaugh. He should be more concerned about his own approval rating.

Yes, I am getting much of my information from Limbaugh at the moment. I am currently engaged in other things and haven't really been a political junkie lately. Most of my news is coming from my short stints in the car. I haven't been aggressively looking for news cause frankly, it's not a priority.

Let's see if we can get Joe involved. We've essentially abandoned this site but it's time for us to put on the ole thinking caps again.