Monday, July 31, 2006

You Can't Be A Moderate In Today's Democratic Party

Joe Lieberman, the last Truman Democrat, is going to be bounced in Connecticut's primary. The warning signs have been out for weeks. Unless there's a drastic change, Lieberman's political career is done.

He is officially the last old time Democrat left in the party. They have officially been hijacked by, special interests, and the anti-war crowd. Once they would have been considered fringe. John F. Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and Adlai Stephenson couldn't relate to these crowds. These groups are now the face of the party.

All Democrat hopefuls must heed this warning -- you must conform to what wants. If you don't, find another career. Let Mr Lieberman serve as the example. He doesn't support their ideas. Soon, he'll be an ex-senator.

I applaud the man for sticking by his beliefs. He believed in school vouchers and limited government. His undoing will be his support for the Iraq war. Through these last three years, he has remained consistent in his position. Aside from political posturing during his presidential run of '04, the man has consisently sided with the troops.

That's not what the modern day Democrats want.

The modern day Democrat has to...

  • be rabidly opposed to all war
  • want universal health care immediately (without worrying about the long-term effects)
  • support tax increases for everyone
  • stand behind all minimum wage hikes
  • believe the United States produces more pollution than Hamas produces terrorism
  • find more inspiration from despotic UN diplomats than any US leader
  • believe Cindy Sheehan really has all her marbles

... just to name a few.

It's truly amazing this party guided us through World War 2. It's not a shock that this party was our second enemy in the Cold War -- placing just behind the Soviet Union.

It'll be curious to say what Lieberman does with his life -- who he consults with. He's not welcome in Democrat circles anymore. Maybe he'll become a foreign policy consultant to right-wing administrations.

I wish the man well. He has served admirably in his time. His defeat officially mark the end of the old Democratic party.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel and Lebanon

I must admit that it is with a deep sense of foreboding which I watch the events unfold between Israel and Lebanon. I, along with many other democracy loving people around the world, cheered the Cedar Revolution and the potential liberalizing of this down-trodden, yet once vibrant country. I hope that the Lebanese understand that the crushing of Hezballah is in the best interest of their country as well as Israel's. It seems that almost the entire Middle East, san Syria and Iran, understand this. I hope that this does not descend into a conflagration that consumes the region and its unfortunate inhabitants. I pray for peace, but understand that killing is sometimes necessary to bring this about.
Lebanon needs to assert control over its own country and kick out Hezballah which is destabalizing it to further Syria and Iran's objectives. I wish them luck.
Israel needs to rid themselves of this menace once and for all. Whether this means destroying them or finding a diplomatic way to cripple them, I don't know. Israel cannot live with a dagger at its throat forever. I pray that one day this beleaguered country will find the peace and security which is the right of every country, and for the entire region which has known pain, bloodshed and hate with no alternative for far too long.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Some crackpot conspiracy monger gets his just ripping in this funny post. Read the comments for some amazing snark. I think the guy is simply pathetic. I think it's a psychological tool for helping him cope with an indescribable and infinite evil. If everything is Bush's fault, then this poor deluded soul can feel in control of his life because Bush will be gone in a few years, or could have been voted out in 2004 (a much more satisfying reassertion of power, alas, not to be). It's a way of dealing with the world that doesn't fall into our neat little categories and Hollywood endings.

Monday, July 10, 2006


not exactly a convincing argument, but still funny.

Must read article

Sad but true article. The Palestinians are history's basket case. A completely new weltenschaunng is needed for those people. I truly feel sorry for the average person there, for their rulers deal them nothing but death and misery and make them feel lucky they can even have that.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

conspiracy theory alert

I'll be the first in the blogosphere to say it, some wacked-out, living in their parent's basement, pot-smoking hard core lefty will claim that Bush and Co. killed Kenneth Lay to keep him silent about something like their nefarious plans to club baby seals and melt them down to make a magical potion to increase Halliburton's stock by 1% (translation 400 million, trillion dollars). Something along those lines. That was one sentence!!! Beat that James Joyce.

a little late

This is a great article about the nature of the US and our unique place in the world. Written by a first generation immigrant. Happy 4th.