Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bloody good stuff.

The prince is a real man. Gotta say this kid makes me like some royalty (some). Better than our Hollywood types, no doubt.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Osama bin Laden and the Democrats

This article does a great job of showing how the Democrats sound so much like our enemies. It used to strike me as ominous but now it doesn't surprise me.

I still remember a few months back when Saddam claimed he was tortured. The Democratic Party continues to show their disregard, and outright contempt, for the well-being of our country.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Very long, but very good article.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm not surprised by Neil Young

My brother recently posted the article about Neil Young. Apparently, through his intricate gift of lyricism (is that a word?), he's on the same page as Howard Dean in calling for the president to be impeached. This doesnt shock me cause Young has a history of being, well, all over the place. He co-wrote the hippie anthem "Ohio" in the 70s, then in the 80s was a supporter of Ronald Reagan before becoming a supporter of Jesse Jackson. We all know he supported the Patriot Act but now he has changed his tune (no pun intended). Can't say I'm surprised and in all honesty, can't say I really care what Neil thinks.

In calling for Dubyas impeachment, I guess the left wants Dick Cheney as our president. Or we can look at reality and know they hate him and they'd have him impeached, and keep going down the line until 2008 rolls around. I know the likes of Rush Limbaugh say the left is just trying to gain back power by implementing such tactics. I personally don't believe they've thought their gameplan through. They spew out hatred towards Bush but I don't think it's necessarily with the mindset "if we keep trashing Bush, we can discredit and take power back."

I think they're simply spouting off their heartfelt opinions. They are overcome with their hatred of Bush, so I don't think they have the foresight to consider whether doing this helps their cause. It's a gut reaction on their part, not a well developed plan.

So once again, while the right is trying to defeat an enemy that wants the left and the right gone, the left has decided that GW and company are a far greater threat than the likes of Al Quaeda and the extremist (to borrow from Jack Wheeler) "Moslems." I consider Iraq to be a success so far but I wonder how much smoother it would go if the left would stop calling for a coup d'etat of our commander in chief and support a worthy cause. I'm not gonna call the left of this country "unpatriotic," it could offend George Clooney, but I will call them useful idiots. More on that topic later.

Mike is lame

Apparently, we should rename this blog "" for my sibling has apparently forsaken me.

cold blooded analysis

It's apparent to anybody paying attention that the situation in Europe concerning Muslim immigrants is untenable in the near future. What will happen is laid out in this article by Fjordman is terrifyingly rational and all too real. Don't say you haven't been warned. It's still not too late for Europe to rally to its own cause, but I lose more faith every day.

Duke rape case

In case you have been living under a rock, the Duke Lacrosse rape case is all the rage right now. I really have no opinion of the matter. I don't know the facts and nobody else seems to either. Jesse Jackson is a sleazeball and would be the first defending the players if the races were switched because, to him, it's not about justice it's about color. They have enough to indict as two arrests have been made, but it seems, from my scant readings on the case, that they have a very weak case and will never be able to prosecute. All they can hope for is a plea and that will never happen. Seems like a publicity stunt by the DA. People should stop slinging insults at this women, even if she works in a profession that demeans women and victimizes lonely men. It's a hairy situation and we should let justice work. We have a terrible tendency to politicize justice and that's a shame.

Monday, April 17, 2006

whatever shall we do?!

Oh, no. We've lost Neil Young. All is lost. Whatever. Keep on writing barely intelligible, semi-literate songs while singing them in your tortured cat voice, Neil. Why do musicians think we care what they think? Hmmm, don't see any special provisions for the authority of musicians in the Constitution. They overblown idiots need some humility.

whatever shall we do?!

Friday, April 14, 2006

some graphic images

Never forget. Ever.


This is what we are coming to? What hath multiculturalism wrought? This is the same logic used by Jim Crow types to justify segregation, that is, protecting minorities. This should be struck down an the proponents impeached.

get a life.

wanna bet he's a democrat?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

good luck

trying to change the direction of the progressive movement. Good luck kicking the Michael Moore's and Noam Chomsky's out of your ranks (actually all the 68 hang ons). I sincerely mean that. The US needs an alternative, and the present one is so nihilistic and destructive, one shudders to think of them running the country. (via instapundit, duh)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

another idea

This is coupled with a previous post
(With all the hubbub about the large marches that happened this weekend and the stupid marches by high school students still going on, I felt I had to opine. Mainly, since everybody is stating that Latinos (ie Mexicans) are "taking jobs that Americans don't want" can we now safely do away with the welfare system? Since Americans now have the option of eschewing work because they feel it is beneath them, do we really need to subsidize them and their life-style decisions? It only makes sense to me that if we actually have 12 million illegals doing these menial jobs, then there are jobs to be found. Think about it and try and tell me that this question doesn't really reveal a lack of candor about the whole debate (and the welfare system).)
in which I argued that we can get rid of the welfare state because apparently there are millions of jobs that we Americans feel we are too good to do and need to bring in illegal aliens to do so.
I think there is something else we can do for the debate. I'm in favor or creating a system for channelling the non-felon illegals into the proper circuits for becoming citizens. However, there should be a nice stiff price that should be used for paying the fees of those who have waited in line and immigrated legally. If one has been a legal immigrant in the last 15 years, you should be compensated the full price for your time and fees and use the fees garnered from the newly documented immigrants to pay for it. Seems fair to me. There are many other stipulations, of course, but I think it's only fair for the people who came here illegally to pay the people who went through all the right channels and did all the right things to become part of the country.

sorry been gone.

With the new house and all, my time has been taken totally by that.

However, I'm back, kind of.

Here is a good article about the perils of collective thought from an excellent website

It made me think of a strange phenomenon of modern man: we have substituted virtue with victimhood. Those that are victims are instantly granted benighted status and absolved of all responsibility of their actions. The problem with this inversion is that being a victim is a morally neutral position outside of the realm of which you were victimized. Holocaust victims are victims in their specific circumstance, but that doesn't mean that they are any more moral or immoral than the average person who has lived a prosaic life. It means that they deserve our sympathy and regard for enduring such a thing, but it doesn't mean that their values are any better or worse than anybody else's. Something to think about.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


why is it that people living in the city (I live in the city, so don't even start that), have dogs that are either muscled, muzzled attack beasts or tiny little teacup semi-cats? Who would want a dog that could either shred your children like a raw steak or get crushed when you sit down to watch reruns of "Will and Grace?" My guess is people who (for attack dogs) want to project a certain animal toughness or (for little dogs) couldn't give a rats ass about looking tough and probably finds it rather gauche (the owners of Jack Russels are the exception-those dogs are great, when they are not psycho). It just cracks me up how much one can tell about a person by the hound they keep.


why is it that people living in the city (I live in the city, so don't even start that), have dogs that are either muscled, muzzled attack beasts or tiny little teacup semi-cats? Who would want a dog that could either shred your children like a raw steak or get crushed when you sit down to watch reruns of "Will and Grace?" My guess is people who (for attack dogs) want to project a certain animal toughness or (for little dogs) couldn't give a rats ass about looking tough and probably finds it rather gauche (the owners of Jack Russels are the exception-those dogs are great, when they are not psycho). It just cracks me up how much one can tell about a person by the hound they keep.

Friday, April 07, 2006

I've felt this, but looking for a way to express it for so long. Christopher Hitchens says it best.

CH: I don't think so, no. I mean, I have lots of disagreements with the Republican Party, and lots of dislikes of it, but I really have contempt for the Democratic Party. That's quite a different thing. And I think it has, on this crucial question, completely sold itself and the country out. But remember, I mean in the year 2000, Governor Bush and Mr. Cheney were running against Gore and Lieberman on the basis of isolationism. They said we're against nation building. We don't want the U.S. Armed Forces used for humanitarian or politicized purposes. We want to lift the sanctions on Iraq and Libya, all of that. They were the stay at home and let's try and dodge it party at that point, and Gore had voted for the Iran liberation act.

read the whole thing

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


For the record, I don't know if Tom Delay was corrupt or not, and I certainly don't think the incompetent Ronnie Earle will prove so, but Delay did lay down with snakes and I don't feel that bad that he is retiring. Even if he were completely innocent, his complete lack of financial discipline and Washington coziness is enough to get him ousted just for hypocrisy. He became a symbol of the corruption and graft permeating Washington, and by associating with that element, he signed his own warrant. America can do better.
For the record, we will have a "Groundhog Day" of Delays using a corrupt system to enrich themselves until we remove the ceaseless flow of unaccounted money flowing through that rotting, fetid swamp they call Washington DC.

Beer, is there anything it can't do?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

great article

I had never heard of this guy before, but a very clear, concise article about the imperial ambitions ingrained within Islamic societies. Keep a look out for his upcoming book about the same subject.

My new favorite website

Just because of the title. (Content is actually pretty good too) One of my favorite movies of all time.


Well, they won't have Richard Nix, err, Tom Delay to kick around anymore. Good riddance to another corrupt politician. The Republicans don't do much right, but at least they find a way of nudging out the door those who are corrupt and devoid of class, unlike the Democrats and, say, Cynthia McKinney.

Monday, April 03, 2006

timmy ho's bombing.

I used to live about a ten minute walk from this place that was bombed sunday. Crazy. Luckily my T.O. friends are OK. Americans might not realize this, but Tim Hortonss is as Canadian as hockey, so attacking it has significance much greater than just attacking a donut and coffee shop. Canadians love Tim Horton's like we love hamburgers, as a part of their culture. Is this a message to Harper to play the good dhimmi and pay the jiyza to Hamas, which he has refused to pay, shaming the rest of the Western world? Stay strong, Stephen, and welcome to the club of grown up nations, Canada, which are despised for our success and the temerity to stand up for ourselves.

holy crap

Cynthia McKinney is as looney as that guy in high school who used to eat his own fingernails while carving pictures in his desk of him copulating with a lemur. America can do better. Heck, a sock puppet convention could do better.

the joy of sharia

Is there anything left of France? Foch would be crying in his wine. Where is the latter day Charles Martel or Charlemagne or Charles V, or hell, I'd even take Louis Napoleon. For a country that takes so much pride in their culture, they sure seem to be surrendering it pretty placidly. I guess they only consider American culture a threat. Soon France is going to have to realize that it is more than food, drink and indescipherable art to culture. Whilst in grad school, I remember reading a quote from some stuffy French intellectual that "a people truly confident in their culture has no need of clinging to relics of the past." Well, France sure isn't clinging to their past and they have found themselves rudderless with the barbarians bearing down upon them.
It saddens me because I love Europe and I love the people. To watch an entire culture commit suicide is terrifying. I fear for the world of my children.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

what I'm reading.

I'm presently reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate. Talk about a fascinating read. The book is a philosophical, medical, scientific and ontological take down of the modern notion of perfectable man as presented through the Blank Slate, the Noble Savage and the Ghost in the Machine. (I've discussed the beauty of the story of original sin in previous posts and the pitfalls of denying man's fallen nature).
His thoughts are clear and concise and he doesn't allow the fact that man has an immutable nature allow him to despair at the horribleness of our condition or to use nature as an excuse for our actions. He rightfully excoriates modern intellectuals, especially those in academia for politicizing thought and morality. He also has plenty of disdain to spread around both the right and the left, though one feels that his true bone to pick is with Marxists and post-modernists. The book also resuscitates the philosophy of Hobbes and demonstrates that Hobbes, as dour as he was, was not a nihilist and perhaps provided the best manner of controlling man's inherent dark side. Pinker brings up the fascinating point that the founding father were heavily influenced by Hobbes as opposed to Rousseau (who influenced the French Revolution) with the inherent consequences readily apparent to all.
One question remained from the book and I don't think that he adequately explained himself and that is one of morality. Pinker denies the existence of a God who laid down laws for man to follow (whether he is right or not is immaterial), but states that a deity is not important for devoloping a morality. That may be well and true, but he never explicitly states how. Whether he believes, like Christopher Hitchens, that we may develop a morality through literature (a claim of which I am highly dubious) or what, he never fully explains. Perhaps he delves deeper in other books. I don't know. Still the book has challenged many of my pre-existing thoughts, reinforced others (especially concerning the dreadfullness of Modern (as opposed to simply modern) art and architecture and provoked a deeper understanding of this tragic and beautiful animal we call man. Recommended for all with a curiosity about human nature and society.