Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aug 22 come and gone

It looks as though the much anticipated Aug. 22 came and went without much sturm und drang and a little more "let's negotiate some more" (by which Iran means, we have no intention of negotiating and are simply buying time). My guess is that they believed they could have their nuclear dreams fulfilled by the 22nd and that their scientists fell short somehow. Israel, rightly so, remains on high alert and will be for quite awhile. I still believe that Iran is a huge threat to world stability and will remain so as long as the mullahs are in place.
I know many Persians (I've always found they refer to themselves as Persians, not Iranians) and one couldn't find a more Westernized people. They deserve better than what they have right now, but they need to find a way out from under the mullah's steel toed boot. Iran could be such an amazing place and such a force for good in the world and, I believe, their people know it. They simply don't know how to make it happen. Why we aren't dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the opposition groups and doing so openly and unapologetically, I don't know. Seems a lot less bloody and costly than a war.
On one other note, the UN truce between Hezballah and Israel is a joke. Without an enforcement and eradication mandate, the peacekeeping force will simply while away it's time, enjoy the beaches of Lebanon, rape a few underage girls (see the Congo) and make everybody feel good about how unilateral and peaceloving they are. All the while Hezballah will rearm, slaughter more Jews and, eventually, engulf the entire region in another war.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fear the Ides of August (OK, so it's not quite the Ides)

Something is going to happen tomorrow. What's his name from Iran made this the date when he would answer the West's demands to stop producing nukes. It also, coincidentally, happens to be the time when Shi'ite Muslims claim that their messiah of sorts is going to come back to Earth for a final show down. I hope he is wrong, but we'll see.

as soon as I leave

Canada grows some cajones and decides to act like a grown up country, not a preening, holy-than-thou pansy. Good for them.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The True Interview With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Mike Wallace interview brought a few things to mind...

  • Wallace is a clueless liberal -- a useful idiot
  • his fawning is laughable and scary all at once
  • his opinion isn't unique in left-wing circles

It also brought up some observations about Ahmadinejad...

  • he can play the PR game
  • he is a master manipulator
  • he knows how to hide his true motives

Not only was this interview a cringeworthy kiss fest -- it didn't tell us much about Ahmadinejad. He was able to disguise his hate of Israel by referring to it as the "Zionist state." Yet we didn't really see the man that wants to wipe Israel off the map.

To see what he really thinks, check out this interview.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

did WW III just fizzle out

I would like to believe that it's true. I would like to think that somehow Hezballah and Israel can become good friends. I would love to believe that this peace isn't just a hudna, the Islamic practice of calling a cease-fire in order to re-arm and reorganize, and instead is a genuine cessation of all hostilities, and, more importantly, future plans of hostility. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I remain unconvinced.
My truest hope is that Lebanon can assert its rightful authority in the Southern, Hezballah controlled region. I don't believe Lebanon wanted this war, even if the current Prime-Minister is as slippery as fish dipped in Vaseline. I believe that Lebanon can become the upstanding, prosperous country that it was before the death cults moved in and made this once beautiful country their training ground and homebase. Hezballah must be destroyed and Lebanon must be the one to make the coup de gras. Then, and only then, can peace exist between the two countries. Otherwise, all we have is a temporary suspension of engagement and nothing more.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

what is happening to the news.

First Reuters gets busted for running doctored photos and now the NYT is suckered into doing the same thing. Pallywood is alive and well and producing better actors than tinsletown.

Monday, August 07, 2006

nothing much to report

After seven and a half days without power followed by a week in Florida, I really haven't been given a chance to write anything. So, I'll summarize what I know:

Mel Gibson got drunk and acted like the ADL knew he could act if he really tried hard.

The Israeli's and Hezbollah are still fighting. Hezbollah fakes news reports, and the media buys it like Charlie Brown kicking a Lucy Van Pelt football. Fighting will continue until Mel Gibson gets drunk again and the media loses interest.

Iraq is still a mess, albeit a noble mess. Get back to me in ten years on that one.

No hurricanes. Wait, I thought they would be multiplying by the thousands due to Al Gore, er, global warming.

Joe Lieberman is in deep trouble in Connecticut. Pundits can't agree whether this bodes ill for Republicans or Democrats, but, darn it, it's gotta bode ill for somebody.

The Cardinals continue to stink worse than a frat house toilet and yet somehow remain in first place. In a related story, Tony La Russa is accused of making a deal with the devil.

My puppy grew by roughly 800%.

I realized that, yes, laying on a beach is preferable to going to work.